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With the transition of land-based casinos to the virtual space, slot machines have become an affordable gambling entertainment for all fans of such games. On the official website, they are presented in a wide variety, so everyone can choose the best option for themselves, taking into account personal wishes and preferences.

Well-known manufacturing companies produce all slot machines. In conditions of fierce competition, their employees are trying to maximize their developments and regularly present new items with updated gameplay and completely new features (respins, the presence of stacked Wilds, an increased number of lines and reels). The most popular are the slot machines with three to five reels and up to 50 prize lines to activate.

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Online Slot Machines And Their Types

Depending on the number of reels, online slot machines are divided into several groups:

  • Three-reel. It is an ageless classic, the prototype of the familiar one-armed bandits that once could be found in every land-based establishment;
  • Five reels. They are the most popular category among gamers, because they attract attention by a variety of topics, the presence of basic and special signs, as well as the implementation of various prize options that allow you to win;
  • Seven-reel. Such devices are less in demand and are not found in all virtual casinos. They do not provide for prize rounds, and there are no more than ten lines. They will be an excellent solution for those who wish to receive regular small prizes;
  • Nine reels. They are quite rare, although they also have their army of fans. Their distinctive features are non-standard design and original prize rounds. Active lines can be located not only vertically or horizontally, but also diagonally. These slots often feature progressive jackpots!

Before playing slot machines, you should decide not only on a suitable gambling development, but also on its number. The manufacturer can provide both one line (single line) and several (multi-line – from three to 1,000 pieces). Non-linear emulators should be placed in a separate category, in which prize strips are absent, and winning sequences are formed chaotically throughout the field.

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